Manifesto Editing offering academic editing services

Manifesto Editing

offering academic editing services

What I do when I edit your paper, thesis or other formal document:

  • correct the use of grammar, punctuation and spelling in keeping with the current conventions of formal English of the country where the work is to be examined or published
  • ensure that the usage and tone are consistent throughout the document
  • improve clarity and conciseness of phrasing
  • check the referencing, both in-text citations and the references list
  • strengthen logic and flow, through suggestions about better ways of connecting key points and heightening the impression that these make both individually and collectively
  • give guidance about how the document's structure could be improved
  • offer feedback on how the document reads to an intelligent, educated reader
  • apply the Institute of Professional Editors' Australian standards of editing practice, which can be found on the IPEd website (
Jo Killmister of Manifesto Editing
Jo Killmister, academic editor, accredited with The Institute of Professional Editors Limited

My lifelong passion for language

combined with a strong grasp of its technical elements allows me to mould phrasing and tone to your written purpose.

My many qualifications

give me academic experience across a range of disciplines.

My sharp eye for detail

combined with a whole-of-document perspective ensures my skill at controlling the consistency of academic documents.
Manifesto Editing offers academic editing services