About Manifesto Editing

  • Years of studying academic texts, teaching grammar and editing various types of manuscript have left me with a finely tuned appreciation of the myriad elements of any text and a sharp eye for any anomalies.
  • As well, my lengthy philosophy studies at the University of Melbourne have given me a sound grasp of logic and close familiarity with appropriate means of establishing structure, connection and flow in intellectual discourse.
  • A major in psychology from the University of Sydney means that I am familiar with the quantitatively based approach to evidence as well as the more qualitative and logical approaches that tend to dominate discussion in humanities disciplines.
  • As your editor, my aim is to use these legacies to ensure that your readers remain captivated by your ideas without distraction.
  • When I edit your thesis or paper, I put a high value on your intentions and do my utmost to put these into effect, partly by consulting you whenever necessary. 

What I will need from you:

  • your discipline and your field within that discipline
  • the length of your document in pages and words
  • the nature of its addenda, if any
  • the services you wish your editor to provide
  • your chosen citation system for referencing purposes (e.g. APA 6th edition or Harvard)
  • any specific style guide that the institution with which you're associated may wish you to use
  • the name and contact details of your supervisor(s) if your document is a thesis
  • your deadline (keeping in mind that a thesis, especially a PhD, may take two to three weeks to edit and allowing time for you and your supervisors to throughly check the edited document and make any last-minute changes to content before its final submission)
  • the very last draft of your document before I calculate my fee for an edited version.

January 2020 update:

I now vastly prefer to edit manuscripts of academic journal articles rather than theses, although if a thesis editor is what you need and you're having trouble in finding one I am certainly willing to help.

Jo Killmister - Manifesto Editing

My Fees

The cost of my services depends on the length and quality of a particular document and my estimate of the hours of work it will require. To help me devise a quotation, I edit several random samples from the document. Experienced editors estimate that it takes an average of fifty hours to edit a thesis; of course, if there are many problems with expression and flow, it will take longer than that.

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